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Protecting your pet’s joints this winter

With colder temperatures starting to take hold, we need to be mindful of pets suffering from arthritis: an inflammatory condition that can affect one or

Dog in coat
Dog coats

The best dog coat for every season

Walking your dog in the rain and worried they’ll catch a cold? In need of a jacket that will help soothe their anxiety? No matter

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Pet Wellbeing

Flea treatments

Can my pet get fleas in winter?

Despite popular belief they can’t, fleas can survive and thrive during the winter, particularly indoors.

Older cats

Caring for a senior pet

As our furry friends enter their senior years, you may notice changes in their energy


Water safety

Water safety tips for dogs

Some dogs can’t wait to get wet. If your furry friend is a swimmer, watching them leap into the water can be very satisfying. However,


How to keep your pet hydrated

Just like us, our pets need to be adequately hydrated in order to keep bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Pets will require different quantities of water depending

Vet diets

What are veterinary diets?

There’s no doubt diet can make an enormous difference to your pet’s health. So, when your cat or dog is ill, can veterinary diets provide

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