Top tips for a healthy coat

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Did you know your pet’s coat is a good indicator of their overall health? While regular grooming is essential for a glossy coat and healthy skin, that, combined with these other not-so-obvious tips will help your furry friend look their best.

Feed your pet a good-quality diet

You’ve probably noticed it. Eating a balanced diet has a positive effect on your hair, skin and nails. The same is true for your pet. Feed your furry friend the best-quality diet your budget can stretch to, and their skin and coat will reap the benefits. Look for a formula that is adapted to their life stage, says ‘complete’ or ‘balanced’ and contains as many natural ingredients as possible. Pet foods with a high meat content (30% or above) are ideal, and easier to digest for our furry friends than a diet high in grains.

Brush and bathe

When you’re bathing your pet, you want to make sure you’re using the right product. Like a tangle remover spray for long-haired breeds, a mild shampoo for pets with sensitive skin, or a white wash shampoo for a white-furred dog.

Most felines are meticulously clean (and would scoff at shampoo!), so they may never need a bath. However, brushing benefits all cats and dogs as it promotes blood circulation, prevents mats and reduces shedding. For long-haired breeds, who need regular brushing to keep their coat soft and tangle-free, a shedding comb such as the FURminator is ideal.

Add supplements

Look for supplements containing essential fatty acids and vitamins B or E. They will soothe and repair sensitive skin, promote its natural healing process and give your pet’s coat strength and shine. Both vitamin supplements and skin and coat oils can help complement a healthy diet.

Watch out for allergies

Food allergies, such as those caused by dairy, grains and particular types of meat, can affect the skin and digestive system, so look out for signs such as redness, itchiness or an upset stomach after eating. If you think your pet might have an allergy, a hypoallergenic food for dogs or cats may help to relieve their symptoms. Always speak to your vet first, so you can work together to improve your pet’s health.

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