Water safety tips for dogs

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Some dogs can’t wait to get wet. If your furry friend is a swimmer, watching them leap into the water can be very satisfying. However, we need to be careful whenever dogs are around any natural water source, whether it’s the sea, a lake or a pond. Here are some handy tips to keep them safe.

Before they dip in

If you’re taking your dog into the sea, make sure the sea is calm and there aren’t any warning signs on the beach. Slow-moving rivers are also a safe option. Avoid throwing toys where the water is deep.

Keep your dog away from lakes and ponds that may contain blue-green algae (this will look like a blue-green sheen on the surface). Blue-green algae is toxic to dogs and can make them very ill.

Bring fresh water and a bowl so your dog isn’t tempted to drink water that may be contaminated with bacteria. A collapsible bowl can be carried around easily.

If your dog is prone to ear infections, pack some cotton pads and ear cleanser with you. A small towel and spray bottle with clean water (or pet wipes) will also come in handy to wipe off muddy paws and fur.

In an emergency, ring 999 to get help or advice from the professionals. Going after your dog may put you (and your dog) in more danger than you think!

Once they’re out

Give your dog a good brushing and check for any ticks, cuts or skin reactions. When possible, rinse your dog off with clean water, too.

Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to getting infections because heat and moisture can build up inside (making it the ideal environment for bacteria). Dry ears thoroughly after they get wet using a towel.

Once you’re home, it’s always a good idea to give your dog a good wash.

Remember never to leave your dog inside the car – even when you’re parked in the shade or when the windows are open. On a 24°C day, the inside of a car can reach 34°C in just 10 minutes.

We hope you find these tips helpful. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a dip in the sea to stay cool and feel close to nature. Just keep these tips in mind and your pooch will get (safely) into the swim of things.

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