Sustainable tips for pet parents

Sustainable pets

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We can all do our bit to make the world a better place, with small green steps and easy eco swaps as an effortless way to act more consciously and sustainably. Here are our top tips for caring for the planet whilst caring for our pets.

Food for thought

One of the simplest and most straightforward swaps you can make is food. A product that will need constant replenishment, choosing a food product that comes in recycled packaging, can be recycled or is sustainably sourced means that no bowlful will cause unnecessary harm or impact on the planet. We know this isn’t as simple as it sounds, as cats and dogs can be fussy about their meals, but if it’s an option, it’s a great way to work towards responsible pet ownership.

Tough toys

We understand that toys can be non-negotiable, and we also know that, unfortunately, a great deal of toys are made with plastic, but there are some ways to make more conscious choices. The first being that you can choose durable accessories that will withstand some tugging and tearing. A more heavy duty option may be just the challenge your pet needs, and will last beyond one or two play sessions. Alternatively, you can reuse household items to create activities for your pets, whether it’s a basic but brilliant empty box for cats or hiding treats in an empty toilet roll as an activity for dogs.

On this note, it’s not uncommon for pet parents to have a stash of unwanted toys that have done little to impress our furry masters. A solution for this is to pass them on to a friend with a pet. What your pet isn’t impressed by, another pet might adore.

Adopt, don’t shop

This one is close to our hearts, so much so that we have an entire article dedicated to the positives of giving a cat or dog a second chance at life by welcoming them into your home. The sad truth is, there are a huge number of unwanted pets in this country and, so inevitably, without giving them a new home, they might suffer a horrible fate. Rallying against puppy farms and irresponsible breeders by choosing a pet that’s just as loveable, but who might need a little extra patience and affection, is very much eco-friendly in our books.

Hygiene hacks

Small steps can lead to big leaps, which is why making some quick and easy switches can make all the difference. Essential hygiene items that pet parents rely on are some of the easiest things to find conscious alternatives for, including biodegradable cat litter and compostable poo bags. Making small sustainable choices part of your daily routine will help in the overall effort, plus your pet likely won’t know the difference. Win-win!

Walking local

If you treat your dog to long walks, lucky them! But the more local you can make those walks, the better. Relying on a car is sometimes the only option, but if you’re able to stay on foot the whole way, the environment will thank you for it. In an area with protected wildlife, ensuring your dog acts responsibly and is closely monitored will keep everything as lovely when you leave. One last tip? Your dog can now get back home to an eco-friendly toy, bowl or bed.

We know that sometimes it’s not possible to make big changes, especially when it comes to pets that can be temperamental in their preferences, but every small tweak or effort counts and contributes to a healthier planet for us and our pets.

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