Pancake recipe for dogs

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Hands down the best Tuesday of the year, Pancake Day makes everything that bit flipping better. Whether you make yourself a stack every year or save them for a slow Sunday, this dog pancake recipe will make it easier than ever to include your pooch in the fun.

What you’ll need

50g of plain flour

100ml of water

1 egg

How to make them

  • Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and combine with a whisk
  • Heat your frying pan to a medium temperature
  • Cook for between 30-45 seconds on each side, depending on thickness
  • Add toppings, if desired! We recommend shredded carrots, apple slices (remember to remove the core), xylitol-free peanut butter or dog-friendly liver paste for extra indulgence

Top tips

Remember to adjust your pet’s usual treat intake on the day you’re making them pancakes, and be sure you never add chocolate or other human foods that are toxic to dogs.

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