Cleaning hacks for pet owners

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Keeping your home clean when you have pets can seem like a dark art that only a few master, but that’s far from the truth! However, years of pet ownership have taught us this: keeping pet dirt at bay is as much about knowing these hacks as about keeping up with them.

The war against pet hair

Pet hair settles everywhere: on carpets, sofas, curtains, our face… So, to prevent your home from becoming a giant hairball, you’ll need to vacuum at least once a week (sorry, no easy shortcut there!). However, you can make the job more bearable with the help of a bagless, high-suction vacuum (multiple nozzles and brushes are a plus). A pair of latex gloves or a dry sponge will also work miracles on clothes and upholstery: rub them over surfaces to trap hair and rinse off under running water.

Groom your pet regularly

Brushing your pet helps reduce the amount of pet fur and dirt lying around your house. And keeping some pet wipes near your front and garden doors will ensure you can clean up muddy paws and drool before they get smeared on your floor. When you’ve run out of pet wipes, a water spray and a hand towel will work just the same.

For cats and pups that spend a lot of time outdoors, we recommend giving them a wash from time to time to help prevent dust, dirt (and that dreaded dog smell!) from getting into your upholstery. It will make your fur baby feel amazing, too.

Freshen up your home

Other tips to avoid lingering smells in your home include airing your house for at least ten minutes daily and disposing of dirty litter clumps as soon as possible every day. To disinfect surfaces and clean up any mess, use Simple Solution Stain & Odour Remover – many a soiled carpet has been revived by this solution!

Keep your pet’s things neat

The number of toys left behind by our pets can easily get out of control, so having a box or cupboard to store these away can really help make your house look tidier. We like to leave a couple of toys out for our pets to play with every day, switching them out frequently and as per our furry friends’ requests!

Whether you live with a tiny kitten or a huge mastiff, you’ll know most pets make a mess when they eat. To keep their dining area clean, we find placemats do a great job at minimising the mess. They stop food and water bowls from moving too much, but they also absorb spills and keep loose kibble from travelling too far.

A comfortable (but practical) bed

Dogs and cats spend many hours sleeping, so a good, comfortable bed is important. But with beds collecting dust and germs, it’s essential that we choose one that is easy to clean. If you’re looking for a stylish bed that you can easily pop in the wash, this Danish Design quilted mattress is very reasonably priced. Their Maritime model, though more expensive, is also a good choice: it’s warm, easy to wipe down and machine-washable.

Finally, you can lay a fleece blanket on your pet’s favourite nap spots to diminish the amount of hair sticking to them. Besides, pets just love lying on them; and again: easy to wash!

This is one of those moments when we realise that it’s our pets that own us and not the other way around. But for all the vacuuming, laundering and poo cleaning, they’re still our bundles of joy. And we couldn’t live without them.

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